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S.R.O. – Single Room Occupancy

July 17, 2012

An edgy new play by Michael Eichler may just challenge your beliefs or it might make you grasp onto them even more strongly.  Your response is part of the play’s development in Playwrights Village, a partnership between Playwrights Project and New Village Arts Theatre. Playwrights Village is designed to enhance the playwriting process for local, emerging adult playwrights. The program offers selected writers the opportunity to hear their plays read by actors, work one-on-one with a theatre experts to further develop their plays, and engage in discussion with the audience. The program culminates in a workshop production at New Village Arts Theatre.

One of this round’s selected plays, S.R.O. by Michael Eichler, tells a story about how people react to a person who “messes up” his life.  Some people never forgive. Some people forgive too easily. Some just want it all to go away. The play unfolds with a brother living in a Single Room Occupancy hotel for people in recovery, his successful sister and his neighbor, a convicted child molester.

What attracted you to further developing your script S.R.O. in Playwrights Village?

I’ve only been writing for three years and have learned it can be a very isolating experience. I was really looking forward to having some interaction around the themes, subject matter, and characters, and learning what others think about the piece. I wanted to work on making each character touch and pull the audience simultaneously.

What aspect of Playwrights Village have you valued the most?

This is a true collaborative process. I am learning the roles everyone must take to improve a play and how crucial it is to work together as a team with a single goal.

What are your future plans for S.R.O.?

I will be entering S.R.O. in various playwriting contests around the country. I feel much more confident in its chances and feel that I have a lot of talented supporters rooting for it as well.

Are you working on another script? If so what is it about?

Yes, two. The first, Sex Station, set in the future where “real” sex is outlawed in favor of simulated fantasies on personalized head sets, and the second, Holy Name, about a family in the 50’s living with a mentally ill mother.

What have you learned about yourself as a playwright since taking part in this program?

I have learned that I want to do this even more than I originally thought, and that dialogue has to be more than just realistic.

Is there anything else that you would like to impart to the readers of out blog?

Projects like this need our support- come to the show, tell your friends, make a contribution, send in your work!


By Michael Eichler / Directed by George Ye / Dramaturg Todd Blakesley

Workshop Production Dates: July 27 8pm / July 28 8 pm / July 29 2 pm

$15 Tickets Available Now/ 760-433-3245  / /

2787 State Street / Carlsbad Village

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  1. grandmom permalink
    July 17, 2012 8:56 PM

    great interviews! I’m going to try to make “Beginners.. on sunday afternoon (if I get back in town in time); but can’t, unfortunately, make the SRO show – Congratulations on your collaboration with Playwrights Project.xxJune

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