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What Inspires You to Give to Playwrights Project?

December 14, 2011

We interviewed a few of our donors to see what keeps them giving to Playwrights Project.  Each not only contributes monetarily, but also gives their time, energy, and love to the organization.  Their unique stories and creative ways of giving help Playwrights Project prosper.

Ann von Gal

Ann von Gal, Partner, Olmstead von Gal Associates

Many years ago my dear friend and neighbor Mary Harrison invited me to join her to see a performance of plays written by school age children. Mary and I are dear friends so I said yes, but in the back of my mind the thought of sitting through some “kid” plays was something I was not looking forward to. That evening was my introduction to Playwrights Project. “40 Miles from Tel Aviv” hooked me. And I have been involved with Playwrights Project ever since.

 Playwrights Project helps not just one part of our community but makes a significant difference in the arts, education, seniors, foster youth, children, literacy, writing, speech — the list goes on and on. It is because of this outreach I feel my donations are making more of an impact, a bigger difference.  And because of this extensive outreach, the Playwrights Project budget is larger than one may expect. As all non profits are vying for grant monies and donations, Playwrights Project’s remarkable staff of 4 stretch every dollar to its limits to provide value and excellence with, of course, creativity, while keeping Playwrights Project on budget.

My favorite memory with Playwrights Project was that first night as a member of the audience. It completely turned  my Bah Humbug attitude around.  

Playwright Project is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Jerry Hoffmeister, Recent Chair of The San Diego Foundation

 Jerry Hoffmeister

 What is your personal connection to Playwrights Project?
I really enjoy attending the play readings. They remind me of my days before TV when I listened to radio programs. In some ways, I prefer to visualize the set or scene in my mind versus on a stage.
Why do you donate to Playwrights Project?
My wife & I feel strongly about supporting the creative process of play writing for people of all ages.   Everyone needs to explore their creative side to build self esteem & good health.
How have you witnessed Playwrights Project changing the lives of others?
My wife gets a real “high” writing plays, especially about her family.
What is your favorite memory with Playwrights Project?
It’s always the play readings I attend.
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