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What Inspires You to Give to Playwrights Project? (Part 2)

December 14, 2011

We interviewed a few of our donors to see what keeps them giving to Playwrights Project.  Each not only contributes monetarily, but also gives their time, energy, and love to the organization.  Their unique stories and creative ways of giving help Playwrights Project prosper.

Karen Ladner

Karen Ladner, Board Member Emeritus and Husband Todd Stone

I attend many Playwrights Project functions, have taken a playwriting workshop, and am a donor. I’m also a board member emeritus.

Playwrights fulfills a great mission for kids – increasing literacy through drama based activities. It has changed the lives of foster kids by allowing them to tell their stories in a safe, creative, encouraging environment. Playwrights also allows older people to express themselves through playwriting, which not only engenders creativity but keeps their memories alive for others. My mother commissioned a play of my grandfather, who was then 98 years old. He was interviewed several times and the play was written based on his stories, by a professional playwright. It was then performed by professional actors on his 99th, and last, birthday. It was fabulous!

Playwrights is also one of the best run non-profits with which I’ve been involved, both fiscally and strategically.

Karen Cebreros

Karen Cebreros, Community Volunteer and Co-Founder of Track The Impact

I was introduced to Playwrights by Ann von Gal when I was in High School in LA. I was part of a project that took my class all three years to see plays and that changed my life forever. The most exciting thing one can do is see a wonderful show from San Diego to New York. My best friend is a playwright and she has won the Kleban Award and best musical in LA……she continues to change lives with her plays.

I have seen Playwrights Project shows for 5 years. I was mesmerized by the cast. I can tell these young writers are destined for greatness.

This year I was delighted to donate by selling  gold that no longer was functioning. I hosted a  “gold party” with my friends and family.  A diamond store on Midway authenticated, weighed, and purchased our unwanted gold items. I gladly donated the $1,000 proceeds to Playwrights Project.

Thank you for keeping young people involved in the arts. Thank you for preserving culture in San Diego.

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