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While the Lights Were Out… Playwrights Project expanded!

September 9, 2011

As the rest of San Diego County was left in the dark with the massive power outage yesterday afternoon, Playwrights Project welcomed two new members to the family. Alexander Marvin Whitman and Heather Jenkins both had an exciting blackout experience and a big first day: Alexander’s first day of life and Heather’s first day at Playwrights Project!

Alexander Marvin Whitman

Suzanne Whitman, Playwrights Project’s administrative backbone for the past 3 years, completed her last day of work this past Wednesday just in time for baby Alexander’s birth at exactly 12:00 AM September 9, 2011. Weighing 5 lbs. 8 oz, and 18 and a half inches in length, Alexander is already full of smiles and spark. Suzanne and her husband Kurt are both, “So excited to have our little guy in our arms!!”

The story of Alexander’s birth will always be an exciting one for the Whitmans to tell. As the power and air conditioning went out in Suzanne and Kurt’s home, they decided to take a drive to get some cooler air. The short drive turned into a grand adventure that took an hour and a half to circle three miles because of the mess of traffic caused by the blackout. By the time they finally reached home, Suzanne’s contractions had intensified and it was time to head to the hospital. About six hours later Alexander Marvin Whitman was born.

 Heather Jenkins

Although no one will replace Suzanne in our hearts, her administrative role will be filled by Heather Jenkins, a recent graduate from the University of San Diego. Heather completed her education with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Minor in Leadership, and Certificate in Nonprofit Management. She previously spent time with the March of Dimes and the Arc of San Diego and is excited to grow her knowledge of the nonprofit world. We are delighted to welcome Heather to the Playwrights Project family.

Heather has already proven to be a terrific addition. When the computers and phone shut down yesterday and we weren’t able to access any documents, worksheets or emails, we had a difficult time figuring out how to stay productive. Heather calmly sorted through her list of duties and managed to keep busy with important tasks around the office!

We are happy to welcome both new faces to Playwrights Project and wish each all the best!

If you’re headed to lunch, shopping or a dance class in the NTC Promenade, drop in and say hello!

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