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Festival Wrap Up, plus a FREE performance!

April 15, 2011

Photos by Ken Jacques


Thank you to everyone who attended our new play festival!  The entire production and student matinees were a huge success thanks to our amazing cast, crew, and fabulous audiences!  Read below for fun facts, audience feedback, and the latest press. 

Plus, a FREE performance from another of our programs – Play by Play: Cultivating Emerging Playwrights.


Some fun facts:

* A total of 1,713 patrons attended the festival  

* Over 700 students and teachers from all around San Diego County attended our student matinees

* All 5 young playwrights were in attendance at the Opening Night of Plays by Young Writers

* We received wonderful pre-press (including the Union-Tribune, KPBS These Days, NBC’s Inside San Diego, Orphan Justice Center’s blog) and great reviews!  See list and links below

* Numerous current and former foster youth attended Telling Stories: Giving Voice to Foster Youth, as well as representatives from local and statewide foster care organizations, including our program partners Casey Family Programs, CYC, Just in Time for Foster Youth, LEAP, Mi Casa, San Pasqual Academy, San Diego Health and Human Services, San Diego County Commission on Children Youth & Families, Voices for Children, and Walden Family Services

* Playwright Lisa Kirazian and the actors participated in discussions with the audiences following each performance of Telling Stories: Giving Voice to Foster Youth, along with friends from the foster care community – Adam Rajah Gainey, Linda Robinson, and Jeff Frelier

* Photos from the festival can be found on our website ( or on our Facebook Page. For production photos, click here.

Feedback from the Audience

“For the second straight year, my students left filled with excitement and positive energy. I certainly hope to be able to continue bringing our students in the future, as your program does an incredible job bringing the ideas of young writers to life.”~Middle School Teacher whose students attended a matinee of Plays by Young Writers

“I enjoyed all of the plays presented!  I was blown away by the students who were not even in their teens and writing such wonderful stories.  Kudos to you, the actors but primarily the wonderful playwrights.”  ~ Adult Audience Member who attended Plays by Young Writers

“Every side was made believable: the heartbroken kids, the heartbroken birth parents, overworked social workers, [and] foster parents trying to make the kids feel at home.  It presents so much information in an informative yet compassionate way.”  ~ Audience member who attended Telling Stories: Giving Voice to Foster Youth

“It wasn’t learning of new experiences, but being immersed into that world, that inescapable box that only seems to cater to the masses not the individual.  It’s just incredibly eye-opening and the characters become . . . relatable.”  ~Audience member who attended Telling Stories: Giving Voice to Foster Youth


  • SD CityBeat – Click HERE for a preview article on Switch
  • KPBS These Days – Click HERE for a radio interview and article on Switch
  • San Diego Union -Tribune – Click HERE (Pre-press) and Click HERE (Review) for articles on Plays by Young Writers
  • NBC-San Diego – Click HERE for a video on Switch
  • Carmel Valley News – Click HERE for an article on Lisa Kirazian, playwright of Switch
  • Carlsbad Patch – Click HERE for an article on Ben Kelly, playwright of Trevor
  • Encinitas Patch – Click HERE for an article on Kira Nolan, playwright of Russet
  • La Jolla Patch – Click HERE for an article on Kaylin Greisen and Sydney Yockey, co-playwrights of The Spirits of the Bells
  • Santee Patch – Click HERE for an article on Kelsey Bavencoff, playwright of Next Train to Nowhere

“Playwrights Project . . . is an indispensable element in San Diego’s theater climate.”

~ Marty Westlin, SD CityBeat 


FREE Performance: Tuesday April 19, 8pm at MOXIE Theatre

Soroya Rowley and Justin Lang perform a scene from "what it means to be freezing" by Carol Cabrera.

Nina’s Musical Ear 
by Jennifer Provenza
  Nina, a young woman who has auditory hallucinations, turns to music as her marriage disintegrates.  In doing so, she discovers a strength she didn’t know she had, as well as an understanding of what true love looks like.

Play contains mature content. Recommended for ages 18+

~ Run Time: 2 hours, including an intermission

~ Discussion with playwright and mentor Amanda Cooley Davis following reading


MOXIE Theatre: 6663 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA  92115


FREE (Suggested donation of $5 at the door)

Reservations requested but not required.

Contact Playwrights Project
(619) 239-8222 or
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