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Kira Nolan, Playwright of “Russet”

February 3, 2011

Kira was 11 when she wrote Russet, one of the plays that will be presented as a staged reading at the Lyceum Theatre April 1-10, 2011 in our Plays by Young Writers festival.


How did you first become involved with writing?

I first really “wrote” around the age of four or five, when I dictated a story about Annie and her horse to my mom. She would type it up. The only other time I really remember doing creative writing as a young kid was on a ski slope, when I made up a song and we wrote it on a napkin. Then writing kind of dropped out of my life, although I still read constantly. I loved writing in third and fourth grade, with a teacher who was really big about creative writing, but I never really did it outside of school. Fifth grade was when I really got into it. That was when I wrote my play, Russet.  My friend and I started a novel together (which we still work on loyally). During the summer I attended Young Writers’ Camp at UCSD.  

What themes are involved in you piece?

My play visits equality and stereotypes, friendship, pack mentality, bravery in the heat of the moment, and two wolves with minds for change.

Do you identify with a particular character?

I would like to say I identify with Silvia, a tough, athletic and smart girl. In some ways I do, but in other ways she’s more based off of my role model than me. I think of myself as athletic and tough, and we share views about feminism. On the other hand, Silvia has a clear way of expressing her views, while I would sit back and let the others do the talking.

What is the message you hope the audience will take with them?

I hope my play will inspire people to do what they believe is right, pushing past stereotypes that stand in their way. I want Russet to be remembered as a wolf who, in the end, knew who he was and found his own strength to stand up for himself.

Do you plan to continue writing?

I definitely will continue writing. I especially love to write stories and poems.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I want to be a children’s or teen’s novel writer. Based on the number of writers who actually make a living from their published books, I’ll probably have to have some other jobs, at least for a while. I would take any job that would help me with my particular story. I also want to travel a lot and get to know different cultures, and I would like to work different interesting jobs of different wages.  For example, a horse wrangler on a ranch in New Zealand, or a fish packager in Alaska. 


Russet will be performed Saturday April 2 at 7:30 PM, Friday April 8 at 7:30 PM, and Saturday April 9 at 2:00 PM at the Lyceum Theatre in Horton Plaza.  Tickets are $12-$50; more information at

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  1. February 16, 2011 10:21 AM

    Kira was also featured in an article on the Encinitas Patch website. Check it out here:

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